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Five places to discover in Albania in October

With all of Albania being so much off-the-beaten track, seeing the country’s unknown side is not so much an exotic experience, as the only one that is available to its visitors. Pristine beaches, ancient ruins and cities carved in stone, desolate mountain villages, rough, fragrant cuisine, the psychedelic sounds and sights of Tirana, Saranda and Durres – everything that this Balkan country had to offer is an authentic experience, hardly touched by globalisation. Full Story


Wines to drink this summer in the Balkans

31 May 2011 | If you wonder which wines to drink this year while in the Balkans, try these three: Two Moons 2010, white, made of the Greek variety Assyrtiko by Georgios Karamitros in Thessaly; The Tear of the Pine 2010, white, Assyrtiko, of Domaine Stelios Kechris in Thessaloniki; Graševina Principovac, 2008, red, made of the Croatian variety Grasevina Full Story


Developers Ruin Albania's Landmarks

Historic buildings all across the country are in danger, as owners, real estate developers and local authorities conspire to rebuild on their sites. On August 16, the people of the southern Albanian town of Korca woke up to an unpleasant surprise. Full Story

Romania, Albania and Turkey Sell “Racist Cookies”
Albania Improves Competitiveness Ranking

Routes Less Travelled

Albania: Four Reasons to Visit Europe's Least Known Country

Last fall, at the World Travel Market in London, I found myself wandering through the European stands and played a little game with myself. I decided to visit the stand of the country I felt least likely to visit next year and see if they could change my mind.

Albania was top of the list, as I had a picture of a country still recovering from its communist years, with a bleak capital of Tirana blighted by concrete architecture. Full Story

Byllis, Albania: Ancient City in the Sky
Albania: Monastery at Mesopotam, Photographed by Massimiliano Fusari

Curiosity Chest

Greece and Albania: In the Kingdom of Ali Pasha

While travelling through the Balkans, Morelle Smith gets to know the infamous Ali Pasha, the “Lion of Ioannina.” First through the eyes of nineteenth-century writer Dora d'Istria and then through the impressive architectural heritage he left in Albania and Northern Greece. And she falls for his charms. And how could she not, knowing how fiercely Ali Pasha treated the women who turned him down? Full Story

Hidden Sofia

Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia: Queen of the Balkans

Alive and stirring, Sofia is like a butterfly about to emerge from its chrysalis. Neon lights, posh hotels, fancy restaurants and brightly lit shop windows now illuminate its avenues, but a walk through the city gives visitors a glimpse into its varied past – from medieval churches and mosques dating to Ottoman rule to a newer, golden-domed cathedral, from ornate nineteenth-century façades to communist-era architecture.
Full Story

Sofia, Bulgaria: A City of Ecumenical and Earthly Delights
Some 20 Reasons to Feast in Sofia

Hidden Bulgaria

Bulgaria in 5 days: Shumen, South of Nowhere

Patriotic ruins, a Coca Cola-branded mosque, a “stud factory” and a capsule, containing a message for future generations: these are only part of modern Shumen’s surprising charms. Full Story

Balkan Coasts & Mountains

Fresh Fish, Olives, and the Albanian Bay of Ksamil: All to Yourself


Albania remains a rough diamond, undiscovered territory, the most challenging destination in Europe. Bob Berwyn of the Summit County Citizens Voice selects pictures from his travel files to compose this simple, and yet charming photo story, in which places and people stand out full of character. Full Story

This July, Splash Around in Four Lakes and a Dam Throughout the Balkans
The Blue Eye Water Spring in Southern Albania Beckons with Coolness

Balkan Towns

Towns of Note: Berat, Albania


Morelle Smith takes a lonely, somewhat bizarre, but beautiful journey through the ancient town. Startled by a knife dropped from an unknown hand, and shown around by strange and slightly obtrusive locals, she walks cobbled streets and wild paths to look for bygone opulence, museums and orthodox churches. Full Story

Gjirokastër: Albania’s Town of the Stones