Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Featured Destination

Black Risotto in Montenegro's Black Fjord

One best be brought here blindfolded. That, or when it is dark, which is almost the same - coming down from the high mountain of Cetinje, Montenegro's old capital. At first the darkness is impenetrable. Then the lights of Kotor's bay appear - far below, as if seen during an airplane landing.

As one descends the spiralling road, the lights remain as a faraway constellation. The 15 kilometres down to the sea level take about 40 minutes. The vague curiosity about what will be revealed at dawn becomes tense anticipation. Full Story


Foreign Wines Outnumbered Bulgarian Ones on Vinaria 2014 Competition

11 March 2014 | National wine tastings, preceding Bulgaria’s biggest wine fair, Vinaria 2014, started today with a surprise: foreign wines exceeded in number Bulgarian ones first time in history of the competition. Full Story

Routes Less Travelled

The 12 Balkan Contenders for the New 7 Wonders

If you ever felt regret that – having been born in contemporary times, you’ll never be able to see the Seven Wonders of the World, of which only the Great Pyramid of Giza survives, y
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Curiosity Chest

Stecci to be Nominated as Joint Cultural Heritage by 4 Balkan Countries

5 November 2009 | In a rare move of cooperation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro recently agreed to nominate the medieval tombstones, known as stecci, scattered across the four countries as their shared cultural heritage to the UN World Heritage List. Full Story

Hidden Sofia

Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia: Queen of the Balkans

Alive and stirring, Sofia is like a butterfly about to emerge from its chrysalis. Neon lights, posh hotels, fancy restaurants and brightly lit shop windows now illuminate its avenues, but a walk through the city gives visitors a glimpse into its varied past – from medieval churches and mosques dating to Ottoman rule to a newer, golden-domed cathedral, from ornate nineteenth-century façades to communist-era architecture.
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Sofia, Bulgaria: A City of Ecumenical and Earthly Delights
Some 20 Reasons to Feast in Sofia

Hidden Bulgaria

The Crystal Heartbeat of a Mountain Lake

With summer slowly melting behind us, September often awakes craving for fresher waters, for landscapes more sensitive towards the change of seasons than the uniform, uniseasonal sea coast of sand and blue water. Full Story

Bulgaria’s Most Contested Monastery, St Ivan of RIla
Bulgaria in 3 Days: Sofia and Mount Vitosha

Balkan Coasts & Mountains

Biking Along the Adriatic Coast


A group of four self-proclaimed ‘Yugo-nostalgics’ ride their bikes from Trieste through Croatia to Ulcinj in Montenegro in 12 days, covering approximately 1,200 kilometres. Full Story