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On racism etc.

July 18, 2009 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

It was a little story, but the more hours that separate me from it, the more I want to shout out loud about it.

After a walk with my baby, this morning I decided to take the tram back home. I live in the center of Sofia and rarely use trams, but every time I need to get on one, it's like... Full Story

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Albena Shkodrova

Albena Shkodrova

Albena Shkodrova is the founder and managing editor of Her career led her so far through a number of exciting jobs, amongst which an editor for the inflight magazine of Bulgaria Air and the editor in chief of Bulgaria’s wine and gourmet magazine Bacchus. Her articles and comments are published/broadcast in a number of international media, such as Foreign Policy, IWPR, Balkan Insight,, RFE/RL, and NPR.