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This blog celebrates the singularities and unexpected revelations of the Balkans. That is on the good days. Other times there is just news from the 'industry' and my opinions on it.

Belfast Paper Invites You to Byzantium

December 05, 2008 • 0 Comments Turkey

Interesting. A Belfast newspaper has taken up as an organizing principle for travel the whole theme of the Byzantine Empire (since much of the content revolves around Turkey, I have to put it in the 'Turkey' category, no offense to the rest).

It does an admirable job of mentioning far-flung... Full Story

The Latest Total Failure in Macedonian Tourism Promotion

December 02, 2008 • 0 Comments Macedonia

As Macedonia prepares to host the European women’s handball championships, local media reports today there has been a total failure to prepare for the event in terms of promotion- despite the fact that the country has had four years to prepare.   In true Macedonian style, all of... Full Story

Megalithic Macedonia: into the Unknown

October 20, 2008 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Megalithic Macedonia: into the Unknown

The weekend before last I had the opportunity of visiting Cacev Kamen, the lesser-known cousin of the Kokino Megalithic Observatory, supposedly one of the world's most important, with Dr. Dusko Aleksovski. This Macedonian archeologist has done more work than anyone on the Cacev Kamen site and... Full Story

Bitola Looks to the Future, as Cameras Roll

September 29, 2008 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Last weekend I had the honor of participating in a conference in Bitola, Macedonia in which this lovely city's five-year tourism strategy was unveiled in front of an audience of local business folk and tourism providers, plus a few local officials and journalists. At the conference, I had the... Full Story

The Hurricane

July 04, 2008 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Today in Skopje there was a massive wind rain and lightning storm that exploded out of the heat of day. A sudden deluge in the streets and soon you were waiting for an hour, to keep away from the rain crouching under eaves where sharp metal signs fell from the sheer force of the wind, smashing... Full Story

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Christopher Deliso

Christopher Deliso

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