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The Time-capsule Approach to Skiing the Balkans

December 06, 2008 • Comments Serbia

Oh dear. It seems the Independent does not like the skiing much in Serbia. Or Bulgaria.

It's these sorts of lukewarm plugs (British newspaper reviewers particularly seem to delight in the ambivalence of the damning recommendation) that are so hard to understand. I think it has to do with an 'understood' structure of review that may reflect further on the mental state of the society that respects it. But I digress.

Certainly the author makes some fair criticisms, but the fact that he refers to skiing trips undertaken three years ago, and updates them merely by throwing in some tips from a Serbian-born UK travel industry honcho does not exactly result in the travel writing equivalent of six inches of fresh powder.

To be fair, he does concede that some things may have changed in the meantime but it it is also clear that he has not done much checking up. New infrastructure projects are ignored, and left out entirely are the skiing opportunities in Macedonia, such as Mavrovo and Kozuf. Perhaps because they're not served by the block-booking British company highlighted in the article? Hmm.


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