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Ekaterina Petrova

Mellow Music Festival, Borisovata Gradina | Sofia, Bulgaria

May 28, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

This was taken during the first edition of the Mellow Music Festival, which took place in Sofia at the end of May. (If you squint hard enough, you might be able to see the stage lights reflecting off my jeans.) Stretching over three days and nights, the festival had two stages – an open-air... Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Gaudí’s Un-Gaudy Tiles | Barcelona, Spain

May 01, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Of course, I always associated Barcelona with Gaudí’s creations: the whimsical buildings, the sculptures and mosaics covered in colorful of pieces of tiles and glass, and – without question, the Sagrada Família. Being a sucker for quirky architecture (Hundertwasser is another favorite),... Full Story

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