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Ekaterina Petrova

Old-School Sanitas Per Aquam | Bankya, Bulgaria

July 25, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Apparently, the claim that the word spa is an acronym for the Latin phrase Sanitas Per Aquam, meaning ‘health through water’, is wrong. That is rather a “backronym,” or a phrase constructed to match an already existing word. In fact, the term for the curative use of spring water is derived... Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

House of Terror | Budapest, Hungary

June 16, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Maybe because Bulgaria hasn’t done much of anything to mark or remember its communist past, I am always interested to see how that past is remembered in other former Eastern Bloc countries. (This discrepancy probably has something to do with the fact that the Bulgarians’ relationship with... Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Yellow Brick Road | Sofia, Bulgaria

April 25, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

This was taken in the spring, when my friend Agnes came to visit me in Sofia from Budapest. It was the end of April, but spring hadn’t yet fully blossomed and it rained quite frequently, so this is one of the few moments we actually spent walking around outside in the drizzle.

The yellow... Full Story

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