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Ekaterina Petrova

Sarajevo Film Festival | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

July 27, 2010 • 0 Comments Bosnia and Herzegovina

Red carpet, Sarajevo-style, here more orange than red.... Read the rest of this post. Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Nišava and Miljacka Rivers | Niš, Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

July 26, 2010 • 0 Comments Serbia

Nišava River in Niš, Serbia

Miljacka River in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Read the rest of this post. Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Seeing the sea for the first time | Sozopol and Lozenets, Bulgaria

July 11, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Technically, this is not true. Earlier this year, I saw the Atlantic as my plane took off from New York City, ran around on a beach on the Pacific when I was in LA and went to a concert in Barcelona’s harbor, which overlooked the Mediterranean.

But, no matter how many seas or oceans I’ve... Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Saint Stephen’s Square | Budapest, Hungary

June 15, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

Sometimes I am just the worst tourist. I know that not many people like going to a new place and only running from tourist site to tourist site, without pausing to at least try to experience “real life” in that place (the busloads of Japanese tourists excepted). But sometimes I take that... Full Story

Ekaterina Petrova

Mellow Music Festival, Borisovata Gradina | Sofia, Bulgaria

May 28, 2010 • 0 Comments Bulgaria

This was taken during the first edition of the Mellow Music Festival, which took place in Sofia at the end of May. (If you squint hard enough, you might be able to see the stage lights reflecting off my jeans.) Stretching over three days and nights, the festival had two stages – an open-air... Full Story

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