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Wines to drink this summer in the Balkans   
31 May 2011 | If you wonder which wines to drink this year while in the Balkans, try these three: Two Moons 2010, white, made of the Greek variety Assyrtiko by Georgios Karamitros in Thessaly; The Tear of the Pine 2010, white, Assyrtiko, of Domaine Stelios Kechris in Thessaloniki; Graševina Principovac, 2008, red, made of the Croatian variety Grasevina by Ilocki Podrumi, Slavonia and Danube region of Croatia.

These wines were the only ones amongst the numerous samples from the Balkans, that were awarded with golden medals by the jury of the International Wine Challenge 2011 in London. The Balkan countries, many of which consider themselves traditional producers of wine, did not score superbly well. Yet their wineries brought home from what is arguably the most important wine competition in the world, another 31 silver and 66 bronze medals.

As exceptionally good ones stood Bulgaria's Stallion 2009, a Merlot by the new boutique Angelus Estate; Croatia's Zlatan Pošip, 2009 by Zlatan Otok; Pošip Sur Lie, 2009 and 2008 by Vinarija Krajancic; Malvazija Istarska Bomarchese Selekcija, 2009 by Degrassi; Graševina Ledeno Vino, 2009 and Graševina Vrhunska, 2009 by Kutjevo; Malvazija Istarska Capo, 2009 by Capo; Festigia Castello, 2009 and Festigia Merlot, 2009 by Agrolaguna.

The most awarded wines all in all were those of Greece, which also participated with by far the greatest number of samples. Amongst them stood out Bio Robola of Kefalonia, 2010 by Coop of Robola Producers Of Kefalonia; Assyrtiko - Greek Wine Cellars, 2010 by Greek Wine Cellars D. Kourtakis S.a. in Santorini; Muscat of Samos Kourtaki, NV by Greek Wine Cellars D. Kourtakis S.a. on Samos Island; Fume Ambelones Vassiliou, 2010 by George Vassiliou in Attica; Orinos Helios Rose, 2010 by Semeli S.a. on Peloponnese, Savatiano Papagiannakos, 2010 by Domaine Papagiannakos in Attica; Thivaiki Gi, 2010 by Thivaiki Gi in Viotia; Vidiano, 2010 by Diamantakis Winery on Crete; Microclima-estate Papaioannou, 2004 by A & G Papaioannou Vineyards on Peloponnese; Santorini Assyrtiko, 2010 by Hatzidakis on Santorini.

Two Romanian wines received silver medals - Solo Quinta, 2010 by Cramele Recas Sa in Banat and Origini - Tamaioasa Romaneasca, 2009 by Budureasca Srl in Dealu Mare.

From the numerous Turkish wineries those awarded with silver were Kavaklidere Saraplari for five of its wines: Ancyra Muscat, 2010, Egeo Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot, 2008, Egeo Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, Vin Art Narince - Chardonnay, 2010 and Vin Art Kalecik Karasi - Syrah, 2009. Also – Pamukkale Winery for its Nodus Shiraz, 2009 and Olus Molu for Vinolus Chardonnay, 2009.

Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo presented a few samples. Serbian Harizma, 2008 by Winery Aleksandrovic was awarded with bronze, so were five wines of Macedonia's Tikves Winery.




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