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Albania Improves Competitiveness Ranking   
12 September 2011 | The ranking of Albania has improved significantly this year in the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum. After taking 88th position last year, the Balkan country jumped 10 places upwards, ranking as 78th.

The index, which is one of the most respected globally, has also described Albanian economy as efficiency-driven.

The country has ranked even better in some of the surveyed areas, such as government efficiency (42th position), security (49), private institutions (41), health (44) and quality of higher education (50). General government debt, market size and financial market development are amongst Albania's weakest sides.

In the Balkans, Albania's competitiveness is being surpassed only by the two EU member-states, Bulgaria and Romania, by Montenegro and Croatia.

Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia are behind, Greece has also been rated worse, taking the 90th position.




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