Friday, 28 July 2017

Bosnia: Let’s loose 10 000 kilos!   
Bosnia launches nation-wide initiative to promote healthier lifestyle

Dancing, jogging, selecting carefully your diet and just living well – for two months, starting from 1 December, Bosnians have chance to lose collectively 10 000 kilos.

The project is launched by Dzemal Gekic and is widely popularized by the national media. It includes an individual program, designed to stream people towards better, modern lifestyle of modest eating and plenty of movement. Children are also encouraged to join.

All participants in the initiative will receive instructions how and what to eat and what exercises to make in the first phase of the project, which lasts for two weeks. With greater frequency, two times a week, they will be able to read articles and tips on the project website.

Statistics of the lost kilos will be collected two months later town by town, before calculating the glorious total of melted away human bodily fats.




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