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Let the Skiing in Bulgaria Begin Now!   

12 December 2013 | The skiing season 2013/2014 officialy starts this Saturday at Bulgaria’s coolest and biggest skiing resort Bansko. Three-time Olympic and two-time World Champion in skiing Italian Alberto Tomba is expected to open the season - by travelling down the slope, named after him, at 11 AM.

The skiing slopes of Bansko are situated next to Pirin National Park, which offers some amazing hiking opportunities. Pirin is considered to be Bulgaria’s wildest mountain range. It consists of 45 peaks, the tallest of which reaches 2590 m. Ridden by wild winds and frequent storms, covered by snow most of the year, centuries ago they were believed to be the home of the Slavs’ Thunder God, Perun.

Skiind is possible from mid December to late April in Bansko. Recently many millions were invested in the development of the resort, which resulted in top-notch facilities, including excellent lifts and slopes maintenance.

The town of Bansko was once a sleepy mountain village. Today its historical buildings make the center of a modern resort with luxurious hotels and numerous lively restaurants, many of them offering dishes from the local, specific mountainous cuisine.




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