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What’s on Around Bulgaria in March   
17 February 2014 | Buzzing around Bulgaria in March can be extremely rewarding – snows taw, their waters reflecting the fresh bright sky, crocuses replace snowdrops, and the brown earth covers with tender green sprouts. This year there are quite some events to lure you to the countryside and add value to your early spring Bulgarian adventures.

1 March 2014

Ateliers around the country teach how to make traditional Bulgarian martenitsa – the curious objects, made of red and white threads, with which locals celebrate the end of the cold season and whish each other well. In the ethnographic village of Etara near Veliko Turnovo “Work little hands” workshop will run all day long - a particularly nice way to entertain your children for a couple of hours.

In Gabrovo, some eight kilometres from there, the feast is celebrated with a traditional choro dance on the main square, Vuzrazhdane.

1-13 March 2014

Plovdiv hosts an exhibition of Jules Pascin, the « Prince of Montparnasse ». Paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, collages - from private collections and galleries in Paris, Luxembourg, Oslo, London and Tel Aviv have been assembled with the efforts of the French embassy in Sofia. Bulgarians are particularly fond of Pascin, who was born in 1885 in the Bulgarian border town of Vidin, before crossing Europe to settle in Paris. His works are exhibited at the Halls for temporary exhibitions, "Knyaz Alexander I" 15 in Plovdiv.

3 March
Visit the National History Museum for free - this small gift is to mark Bulgaria's national holiday, which is celebrated on this date.

3, 17, 23 March 2014

March is the month, when Bulgarians tend to transform themselves into hairy monsters with horns, rusty bells and heavy strings of teeth around their necks. The Kukeri celebrations take place at different times around the country. On the 3rd yourself scared at Shiroka Luka, in the Rodopi Mountains, at the international masque games Pesponedelnik. On the 17th place in Stara Zagora, and Pavel Banya (only on the 17th of Turia.

8 March 2014

The ex communist countries continue to celebrate the Women’s day, inspired by women’s rights advocates Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin a century ago. In Bulgaria it is also a religious feast, the day of Saint Theodora. It will be observed by religious ceremony at 11:30 in Etara.

8-9 March 2014

The southern city of Kyustendil, where the spring always starts a month earlier, marks the end of the winter with rituals, based on the ancient worship of sun, fire and gold.

15-30 March 2014

March Music Days start in the glorious Danube town of Russe. The festival, founded in 1961, has turned the town into one of the most attractive culture destinations of South-Eastern Europe. This year the programme offers 20 concerts and performances in a wide range of styles - from baroque to contemporary music and jazz. Renown artists from 13 European countries will attend, keeping high the spirit Russe for two weeks.

22 March 2014

For five years, the central town of Veliko Turnovo organizes Trabant Fest (on the opening picture) – a curious rally of small cardboard cars, once produced in East Germany. The show understandably turns out noisy, but very useful – the owners exchange not only proud glances, but also spear parts for their antiques.




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