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Macedonia's Museum Affair Reached Ohrid   
03 March 2014 | A museum in Ohrid was also closed for visits and is about to undergo a thorough search, after 166 precious antiques were reported missing at the end of 2013 from Macedonia's national museum in Skopje.

Last week eight people were arrested over the affair, but police still wouldn't reveal if it has found some of the vanished artifacts during the searches of the suspects' apartments.

The news of the robbery broke in November, when Macedonia's Museum personnel noticed that objects are lacking from some of the collections. The following internal research and police investigation found that the number of vanished artifacts - predominantly golden jewellery from the Late Antiquity period, - is astonishingly high. Police's and Museum's official version is that those were stolen in the course of two years - between the end of 2011 and the end of 2013.

Now the suspects include people from the Museum management and state administration, as well as a goldsmith. The local press announced their names, even if the police formally only released their initials. The media named as suspects some of the greatest authorities in Macedonian archeology.

The Roman ruins at Stobi, where many of the stolen object were found.

One of the public speculations was that of possible replacement of some originals with copies.

The affair seems to be expanding by the day. For now, according to experts' statements, there are four artifacts of extraordinary value amongst the 166 – they are all rare golden earrings. But most of the stolen antiques are of extraordinary value, as they originate from several of the Romani archaeological sites in the country. Many of them were found at the Roman necropolis at Isar-Marvinci.




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