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Serbians' Buttery Pride

Like all nations, the people of the Balkans also have their culinary obsessions: the Turks put aubergines over everything, the Greeks – oregano, and the Bulgarians – a herb known as... Full Story

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

During the height of winter the Balkans destroy their treasures. But this is not some kind of season of vandalism; it is rather a period of sweet pleasures – the treasures are culinary and they get devoured. In Full Story

Balkan Culinary Wars I: Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece in a Ruthless Fight over a Greasy Snack

A dozen modifications of the same dish are at the bottom of a deep culinary dispute on the Balkans. The Bulgarian banitsa, the Serbian gibanica, the Greek pita, the Macedonian maznik and the Bosnian-Turkish börek are in constant competition over... Full Story

Boudain Noir à la Prilep

In France, they have been making boudain for at least 1000 years, using at least 100 different recipes. On the Balkans, they have been making boudain for at least 1000 years, using at least 100 different recipes and there are at least ten nations... Full Story

Haute Cuisine in Kurkizhaba

There is a peculiar type of people living in northern Bulgaria. They name their villages Kravoder, Kurkizhaba or Studeno Buche; ride bikes or donkeys; raise fledglings in a bucket; and give their neighbours sarcastic nicknames. Full Story

From Börek to Kadin-Göbek

Aubergines are in their element here. They are everywhere – dark, shiny and elegant, lined up next to one another as if ready for a feast. It is a little known fact that this noble vegetable is actually a fruit. In the East and in many spots... Full Story

The Truffle Rush

The Istria Peninsula in Northern Croatia is the Klondike of the culinary world. Every October, among the Motovun forests near the Livade village and along the banks of the Mirna River, there are swarming hoards of people and dogs – some sources... Full Story

Octopus's Garden

You can't help being suspicious about the Greeks if you ever see how they treat their octopuses. The scenes of violence you can witness along the 16,000 kilometres of Greek coast are too shocking for people with a humane attitude to the animal... Full Story

Curiosity Chest

Dimitur, who visualisеd the Bulgarian expression “Pumpkin Head!”

26 February 2014 | He is 26 and he tried to enroll in the national Fine Arts academy. Academics, though, refused to recognize his talents, and this is how he searched for consolation in food carving. Full Story

Useful Reads

In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (2008) | By Peter Trudgill

Crete has long been acknowledged as one of the most singular and unique parts of Greece. Its people keep a fierce hold on their traditions, customs and history. Practically a country of its own, this vast island looms over all others in Greece. Nevertheless, as In Sfakia author Peter Trudgill aptly notes in his preface, “some parts of Crete are more special than others, and Sfakia, on the remote south coast, is certainly one of those.” Full Story


Serbia Surprises with Choice of Little-Known Singer for Eurovision

12 March 2009 | A little-known Serbian singer and composer, Marko Kon, has surprised many by emerging as his country's representative at the 54th Eurovision in Moscow.
Full Story