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Serbia Prepares for Night of the Museums

13 May 2010 | We often hear people complaining that Belgrade lacks a museum culture and that people here do not appreciate art. Those people have, however, clearly, never been to the Night of Museums. Full Story

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Japanese Martial Arts Exhibition Underway in Bosnia's Capital

12 May 2010 | The National Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo has opened an exhibition entitled "Spirit of Budo: History of Japanese Martial Arts." Full Story

Ancient Jewellery Displayed in Bulgaria’s Capital

10 May 2010 | Unique pieces of jewellery dating from Antiquity until the beginning of the twentieth century will be displayed during the 15th edition of the Salon of the Arts at the National Palace of Culture. Full Story

Santa Claus Museum in Turkey to Attract Newlyweds and Tourists

4 May 2010 | A Turkish travel agency intends to popularize the birthplace of Santa Claus’s prototype, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, in present-day Turkey, not just as a tourist but also as a wedding destination. Full Story

Kosovo: Dodona Theatre, A Symbol of Cultural Resistance

Dodona’s history goes way beyond the walls of its small yet celebrated theatre located in a Pristina neighbourhood which quickly took the name of the institution after its construction in 1992. Full Story

Titanic Resurfaces in the Bulgarian Village of Gumoshtnik

Based on the number of victims, the passenger liner’s sinking was a tragic incident for the world, but for one village in Bulgaria, it was a true disaster. Full Story

Croatia Artists' "Broken Relationships" Exhibit to Be Displayed in Zagreb

The exhibition "The Museum of Broken Relationships," initiated by two Croatian artists and showcasing people's remnants of their past relationships, quickly became a global attraction. It is now looking for a permanent home in Zagreb. Full Story

Former Yugoslav Leader Tito’s Elephant Dies in Croatia

7 April 2010 | Sony, the elephant gifted by Indira Gandhi to former Yugoslavia’s socialist leader Tito, recently passed away unexpectedly at the Brijuni National Park in Croatia. Full Story

Graffiti in Serbia's Capital: Brightening the Streets or a Blight on the Streets?

You may think that there’s quite enough graffiti around Belgrade already and that anything or anyone that encourages more of it is behaving criminally in every sense of the word. Full Story

Greece and Albania: In the Kingdom of Ali Pasha

While travelling through the Balkans, Morelle Smith gets to know the infamous Ali Pasha, the “Lion of Ioannina.” First through the eyes of nineteenth-century writer Dora d'Istria and then through the impressive architectural heritage he left in... Full Story


Foreign Wines Outnumbered Bulgarian Ones on Vinaria 2014 Competition

11 March 2014 | National wine tastings, preceding Bulgaria’s biggest wine fair, Vinaria 2014, started today with a surprise: foreign wines exceeded in number Bulgarian ones first time in history of the competition. Full Story

Useful Reads

In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (2008) | By Peter Trudgill

Crete has long been acknowledged as one of the most singular and unique parts of Greece. Its people keep a fierce hold on their traditions, customs and history. Practically a country of its own, this vast island looms over all others in Greece. Nevertheless, as In Sfakia author Peter Trudgill aptly notes in his preface, “some parts of Crete are more special than others, and Sfakia, on the remote south coast, is certainly one of those.” Full Story


Serbia Surprises with Choice of Little-Known Singer for Eurovision

12 March 2009 | A little-known Serbian singer and composer, Marko Kon, has surprised many by emerging as his country's representative at the 54th Eurovision in Moscow.
Full Story