Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Churches in Greece and Romania Included in 2010 World Monument Watch

The churches of Lesvos, Greece, and those of southern Transylvania in Romania’s Sibiu are the two cultural heritage sites from the Balkans included in this year’s World Monument Watch of places... Full Story

Former Partisans’ Camp in Bulgaria to be Turned into Tourist Attraction

19 August 2009 | A project to turn a former partisans’ camp into a tourist attraction is undertaken by the municipality of the town of Batak in southern Bulgaria.
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Bulgaria and Romania: Harry Potter’s Balkan Haunts

17 July 2009 | With the recent release of the sixth film in the series about the boy wizard and his friends, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the worldwide craze about all things magic is getting reignited. In service of wizardry and... Full Story

Kosovo: New Clinton Photo Angers Prishtiners

17 July 2009 | Bill Clinton’s famous beaming smile and cheesy wave have greeted people arriving in Pristina for many years.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Muslibegovic House Offers Peak into the Past

Nestled in Mostar in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Muslibegovic House is a nifty getaway and national monument all rolled into one.

The noble Muslibegovic family established themselves in Mostar at the end of the seventeenth... Full Story

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar to Attract Tourists with Alternating Mayors?

8 July 2009 | The Mostar City Council has met 13 times to elect a city mayor since the October 5 local elections. Nine months later, the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) city remains with no one at its helm.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Controversial Church Relocated in Bosnia and Herzegovina

12 June 2009 | A Muslim-Orthodox rift in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has come to a peaceful, but controversial, end after an Islamic community paid to move an Orthodox church from the site of a mosque destroyed in the BiH conflict.
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Bright Colours and Four-Day Weddings in Çomakdağ, Turkey

With its stone houses boasting colourful wooden trims, clove-flavoured coffee, festive weddings and the famous Çomakdağ women and their authentic costumes covered in flowers, Çomakdağ is easily the Aegean’s most beautiful spot.
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Romania’s Bran Castle Returned to the Habsburgs

18 May 2009 | One of Romania’s most popular tourist attractions - the Bran Castle, located in the central part of the country, switches ownership today and becomes the property of the Habsburg descendants.
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Medieval Military Horsemen’s Order to be Established in Bulgaria

27 April 2009 | As an alternative to the order of the Knights Templar, the director of Bulgaria’s National History Museum, Bozhidar Dimitrov, intends to establish an order of bagaturs, or medieval Bulgarian horsemen warriors.
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Foreign Wines Outnumbered Bulgarian Ones on Vinaria 2014 Competition

11 March 2014 | National wine tastings, preceding Bulgaria’s biggest wine fair, Vinaria 2014, started today with a surprise: foreign wines exceeded in number Bulgarian ones first time in history of the competition. Full Story

Useful Reads

In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (2008) | By Peter Trudgill

Crete has long been acknowledged as one of the most singular and unique parts of Greece. Its people keep a fierce hold on their traditions, customs and history. Practically a country of its own, this vast island looms over all others in Greece. Nevertheless, as In Sfakia author Peter Trudgill aptly notes in his preface, “some parts of Crete are more special than others, and Sfakia, on the remote south coast, is certainly one of those.” Full Story


Serbia Surprises with Choice of Little-Known Singer for Eurovision

12 March 2009 | A little-known Serbian singer and composer, Marko Kon, has surprised many by emerging as his country's representative at the 54th Eurovision in Moscow.
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