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Dracula? No, thanks

24 March 2009 | Romania no longer wants to be associated with spooky vampire Dracula. In a move against the myth, country's Tourism Minister announced his nation should aim at different, more... Full Story

St. Valentine and Dionysius Join Forces to Inebriate Bulgaria with Love and Wine

Over the past decade or so, Bulgaria has seen a new addition to its calendar of festivities. On February 14, many of its citizens now mark St. Valentine’s Day by participating in the buying frenzy. Flowers, chocolates, stuffed teddy bears and... Full Story

Heart-Shaped Island in Croatia Attracts Romance-Seekers for Valentine’s Day

13 February 2008 | The small island of Galešnjak, located off Croatia’s Adriatic coast, recently attracted attention with its shape of a heart and caught the fancy of couples looking for romantic Valentine’s Day getaway destinations.Full Story

Romania’s Dictator Ceauşescu Would Have Turned 91 Today

26 January 2009 | Today’s date – now just a regular day for Romanians, used to be one of their biggest national holidays, on which they celebrated the birthday of their totalitarian leader Nicolae Ceauşescu until 1989.
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War Crimes Suspect Ratko Mladić Brandy Sold in Montenegro

14 January 2009 | Residents and visitors of Montenegro’s town of Sutomore now have the opportunity to try some rakija, or brandy, from a bottle adorned by the face of the indicted war criminal Ratko Mladić.
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Cuisine Museum Opens in Gaziantep, Turkey

8 January 2009 | Turkey’s first museum dedicated to cuisine opened recently in a historical stone house in the south-eastern city of Gaziantep,
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Macedonia’s Krushevo to Become the First “Ethno Town” in the Balkans

22 December 2008 | In an effort to attract tourists to the town of Krushevo in central Macedonia, its residents intend to re-enact the historical Ilinden Uprising every year between July 5 and August 13.
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Greek Noses Unappreciated in Greece

If various facial features were to be associated with particular countries, Greece would surely get the nose. Full Story

Serbia’s Next Tourist Attraction? Sightings of War Crimes Suspects

In line with the new trend that turns the traces left by the wars which tore apart the former Yugoslav states into tourist attractions, another draw for visitors to Serbia could become the sighting of war crimes suspects.
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Virtual Bucharest Emerges on Internet

A virtual, 3D version of Romania’s capital Bucharest will be the new city in the Internet-based recreation of the world, called Second Life.
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Foreign Wines Outnumbered Bulgarian Ones on Vinaria 2014 Competition

11 March 2014 | National wine tastings, preceding Bulgaria’s biggest wine fair, Vinaria 2014, started today with a surprise: foreign wines exceeded in number Bulgarian ones first time in history of the competition. Full Story

Useful Reads

In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (2008) | By Peter Trudgill

Crete has long been acknowledged as one of the most singular and unique parts of Greece. Its people keep a fierce hold on their traditions, customs and history. Practically a country of its own, this vast island looms over all others in Greece. Nevertheless, as In Sfakia author Peter Trudgill aptly notes in his preface, “some parts of Crete are more special than others, and Sfakia, on the remote south coast, is certainly one of those.” Full Story


Serbia Surprises with Choice of Little-Known Singer for Eurovision

12 March 2009 | A little-known Serbian singer and composer, Marko Kon, has surprised many by emerging as his country's representative at the 54th Eurovision in Moscow.
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