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Bulgaria in 3 Days: Sofia and Mount Vitosha

Text by Albena Shkodrova | Photographs by Lode Desmet   


For the winter season the best is the Simeonovo cable-car lift. Its first station is visible from the ring road, between the Simeonovsko and Bistishko roads. During the skiing period, usually from December to April, you may encounter quite long queues here, so the best is to go early in the morning, especially on weekends. For the rest of the time the wait to get on the lift should be no more than 15 minutes.

If you are particular about your food, better take some with you. But if you are not too demanding, you will be able to find something for a quick bite or even a more extensive meal.

The two tourist centres on the mountain are Aleko (named after Aleko Konstantinov) and Zlatnite mostove (the Golden Bridges). In their vicinity, as well as near the lift platforms, you will find numerous stalls and shops selling sweets, nuts, sandwiches, tea, and sometimes warm and more solid meals.

Over 100 chalets are scattered mostly around Vitosha's northern slopes towards Sofia, and there you can often find basic food and bed.

The skiing routes are also built around the two centers.

For trekking you can start from Bistritsa or Boyana in the outskirts, or from the lift stops at Bay Krustyo (the intermediate station of the Simeonovo lift), Zlatnite mostove or even at Cherni vruh. The routes are well signposted and last between 3 and 5 hours each. Here are some interesting routes and their approximate duration:

• Bistrica village - Samokovishteto- Goliamata gramada- Mecha poliana- Aleko chalet: 4 hours

• Boiana village - Boyanski waterfall - Momina skala chalet- Zlatnite mostove: 3:00 hours

• Bay Krastyo- Kikish shelter - Momina skala chalet- Zlatnite mostove- Vladaya village: 3:30 hours

• Bay Krastyo- Kominite peak - the Plateau: 1:20 hours (there is a danger of avalanches on this route during the winter and the early spring)

• Zlatnite mostove- Kumata chalet - Konyarnika- Cherni vryh: 3:20 hours

• Zlatnite mostove – Edelvays chalet – Ostrica chalet – Selimica chalet – Kladnica village: 3:40 hours

• Kladnica village – Selimica chalet - Dain kladenec - Mecha cheshma – Chuypetlovo village: 4:00 hours

• Kladnica village – Matnica river - Sharev rid peak - Zhivata voda spring – Bosnek village: 5:00 hours

• Cherni vryh- Chernoto plato- Siva Gramada peak – Iarlovo village: 4:30 hours

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