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Macedonia to Open Ten Representative Wine Shops   
28 February 2014 | In its efforts to boost the growing local wine industry, the government of Republic of Macedonia announced an ambitious project - to support the establishment of ten representative wine shops in the major towns across the country, and to cover good part of their running costs during the first three years.

The project is based on wine producers’ initiative, said Alexandar Georgiev, spokesman for the government. “To boost further Macedonia’s wine industry and ist 81 wine producers, to promote better Macedonian wine and to increase what we have to offer to tourists, the government launched this project open unified, specialized, typical wine shops”.

Similarly to many countries in the region, recently winemaking in Macedonia undergoes a renaissance. Not only the number of producers increases, but the quality of their wines has changed significantly in the last decade, gaining important international awards. Boutique wineries such as Chateau Kamnik or Bovin, but also large and old producers like the once state-owned Tikvesh win medals in Europe and elsewhere.

Two of the shops will be located in Skopje, the others – in Ohrid, Prilep, Bitola, Krushevo, Shtip, Berovo, Kavadarci and Strumica.



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