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Turkey Wins Expats' Hearts With Excellent Food and Nice Weather   
4 March 2014 | Excellent local food and good weather won Turkey the 11th place in the world in expats' hearts - in a ranking, published by HSBC. No other country in South East Europe had made it to this charter. The evaluation is based on opportunities to do business and raise children, as well as on general experience - namely on matters like social life, entertainment, sports, feeling welcome at work, making local friends etc.

Turkey scored poorly at learning the local language or setting up utilities. Organizing school for children and working environment also do not seem to be at very high level. But the country holds first place with its food and second - with the local weather. Local culture is also evaluated very high, at fourth place in the world.

The list, published by HSBC, is led by China, Germany and Singapore. China is second best in providing economic opportunities and third best in general experience criteria. The latest is due for its excellent sport faciliteis, social life, and... local food. Curiously, Russia is ranked as high as on 7th position - another proof that the experience of expats sometimes has little to do with the one of the locals.

An important clarification, made by HSBC is, that the data over raising children conditions in some 13 other countries, popular amongst expats, were absent, which left them out of the list.



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