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Massimo Bottura Opens a Restauratn in Istanbul, Turkey   
6 March 2014 | Besiktas, the lively hub of Istanbul, where luxurious hotels stand amidst churches, mosques, museums and a late Ottoman pavillion, will soon host a new restaurant by Massimo Bottura.

The Italian chef, whose fame grew with his Osteria Francescana in Modena (three stars by Michelin restaurant guide), has already two establishments in Italy. But his new one, on the European side of the glorious city on the Bosphorus, won’t be modelled after any of them. According to media reports, it will be “very smart”. It will be called Ristorante Italia di Massimo Bottura, and will be situated in a luxurious shopping mall – Zorlu Center.

Osteria Francescana was ranked third amongst the best restaurants in the world in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants - yearly awards, sponsored by Acqua Panna and S. Pellegrino. Bottura was also endowed weeks ago with the 2014 White Guide Global Gastronomy Award in Stockholm.

With this background, it is no wonder that the news of the coming opening in Istanbul already started building great expectations. It remains to be seen if this event would put this city on Michelin’s map. Despite of its excellent food traditions and diversity and it numerous restaurants, so far it had been ignored but the guide, as were all the countries in the Balkans but Greece.

Below: Massimo Bottura, filmed by Fine Dining Lovers:



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