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Bulgarian Engineer Launched New Yogurt Brand in Canada   
18 March 2014 | With Bulgarian immigrants increasing in number and business adventurousness,
Greek yogurt age in North America may be challenged. Since this February a new brand of Bulgarian yogurt, Yovco, is on sale in Toronto, and its creator is at loss over its success.

Nikolay Yovchev, a Bulgarian engineer, lives in Canada for 14 years. For most of them, he didn’t even try milk or yogurt. But a recent health problem made him seek a diet and taste some of the yogurts, available in the local supermarkets. “I discovered that they are really not so good, their taste had nothing to do with the product I remembered from Bulgaria”.

As many other Bulgarian immigrants, he couldn’t figure out the absence of this particularly famous and special food product on a market, flooded by imported goods of varying quality.

This is how Yonchev decided to establish his own brand of yogurt, the Bulgarian website reports.

“He had to research, read, and then to walk a long bureaucratic path to obtain the required permissions. “First I started feeling the positive effect of eating real Bulgarian yogurt – I had more energy. Then I saw in it a business opportunity and decided to try it,” Yonchev says. Bulgarian painter Ilia Goshev, also living in Toronto, helped him design the packing, and since February the new brand Yovco is sold in some shops in the Canadian city, addressing people with more European tastes.

To make his yogurt, Yonchev buys sheep milk from tested local, Canadian producers, but imports his Bacillus Bulgaricus from Bulgaria. The yogurt is produced in a natural way, contains no additives, and even its butter content is not being corrected, typically achieving 6,5%. If preserved at temperature between 2 and 5C, it stays good for about 20 days.



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