Sunday, 20 August 2017

Turkey Boasts World’s Most Ecologically Clean Tea   
Among the nearly 30 countries that produce tea in the world, Turkey is the only one producing ecologically clean tea without chemical additives which cause health risks among consumers, Turkish tea-producing professionals told media in October, 2008.

The climate of the region along Turkey’s eastern Black Sea coast, where tea is grown, makes it very suitable for tea production without the need for additional chemical substances, representatives of Turkey’s tea producers association told the Hürriyet newspaper.

They explained that tea agriculture takes place in 30 countries in the world. In the south, tea is grown at a latitude of 27 to 30 degrees and in the north - at 42 degrees. Because of the climate conditions in most of these countries, plant diseases develop on the cultivated tea, making necessary the use of chemicals to curb these diseases.

Tea production in Turkey takes place each year between May and October, mostly in the Rize province on the Black Sea coast, which – in addition to the favourable climate conditions, is known for its fertile soil.

Along with Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, or çay, is one of the country’s most emblematic and popular beverages. The ubiquitous hot drink is served – always in a small, clear, tulip-shaped glass, seemingly at all times, places and occasions – at teahouses over a game of backgammon, at restaurants before and after a meal, during house visits and even while bargaining over Turkish carpets.

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