Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Routes Less Travelled

Mount Parnassus in Greece Beckons Off-the-Beaten-Track Travellers

In the world of tourism, the phrase "off-the-beaten-track" is mostly identified with remote and exotic excursions. But in Greece, it can easily mean a way to avoid pricey destinations that often... Full Story

Bukovina: Romania's Centre of Spirituality

The northern province of Moldova - known as Bukovina, is an ethnological and religious enclave intended to symbolize Christianity's triumph against the paganism. Many of the Bukovina monasteries were built by the Moldavian voivodes as a token of... Full Story

Sagalassos Ruins in Turkey Recover Former Splendour

On high fertile lands under a majestic snowy peak, some 100 kilometres away from the sea, Sagalassos was once a place where people reaching out to God. But God disliked it. Full Story

Turkey’s Gateway to Europe: The Balkan Villages

Turkey is known for its many and diverse faces: from the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, through the beach resorts on its Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, the windsurfers’ paradise island of Gökçeada, the lime-water pools of Pamukkale,... Full Story

The 12 Balkan Contenders for the New 7 Wonders

If you ever felt regret that – having been born in contemporary times, you’ll never be able to see the Seven Wonders of the World, of which only the Great Pyramid of Giza survives, y
Full Story

Göbeklitepe: South-Eastern Turkey's 12,000 Year-Old Obelisks

Challenging commonly held ideas about human history, Haldin Aydingün describes the T-shaped obelisks of Göbeklitepe in south-eastern Turkey - a sanctuary from the 10th millennium BC. Erected 10,000 years before the founding of the Roman Empire,... Full Story

Albania: Four Reasons to Visit Europe's Least Known Country

Last fall, at the World Travel Market in London, I found myself wandering through the European stands and played a little game with myself. I decided to visit the stand of the country I felt least likely to visit next year and see if they could... Full Story

Northern Greece: Every Street Has its Own Zorbas

Away from the tourist crowds and the spots featured in advertisements, Western Macedonia is the perfect place for “diving” in the authentic Greek atmosphere. Noisy, chaotic and at the same time a little sad, this least known part of the country... Full Story

Albania: Monastery at Mesopotam, Photographed by Massimiliano Fusari

Albania might not have the highest standard of living of all the Balkan states, but it is the most mysterious country on the peninsula. Besides being travelled through and written about quite seldom, it hides many layers, buried deep under the... Full Story

Intimations of Byzantium: Hidden History of Turkey’s Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia

Forty-five minutes from Trabzon, on the temperate Black Sea coast of north-eastern Turkey, Sumela rose out of a cliff, surrounded by lush verdure. The best Byzantine monasteries always take effort to reach, and this one was no exception. Visiting... Full Story


Foreign Wines Outnumbered Bulgarian Ones on Vinaria 2014 Competition

11 March 2014 | National wine tastings, preceding Bulgaria’s biggest wine fair, Vinaria 2014, started today with a surprise: foreign wines exceeded in number Bulgarian ones first time in history of the competition. Full Story

Curiosity Chest

Dimitur, who visualisеd the Bulgarian expression “Pumpkin Head!”

26 February 2014 | He is 26 and he tried to enroll in the national Fine Arts academy. Academics, though, refused to recognize his talents, and this is how he searched for consolation in food carving. Full Story

Useful Reads

In Sfakia: Passing Time in the Wilds of Crete (2008) | By Peter Trudgill

Crete has long been acknowledged as one of the most singular and unique parts of Greece. Its people keep a fierce hold on their traditions, customs and history. Practically a country of its own, this vast island looms over all others in Greece. Nevertheless, as In Sfakia author Peter Trudgill aptly notes in his preface, “some parts of Crete are more special than others, and Sfakia, on the remote south coast, is certainly one of those.” Full Story


Serbia Surprises with Choice of Little-Known Singer for Eurovision

12 March 2009 | A little-known Serbian singer and composer, Marko Kon, has surprised many by emerging as his country's representative at the 54th Eurovision in Moscow.
Full Story