May 23, 2024

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2023 Independent Spirit Awards Winners List (Live Update) - The Hollywood Reporter

2023 Independent Spirit Awards Winners List (Live Update) – The Hollywood Reporter

The 38th Annual Independent Spirit Film Awards are handed out on Saturday afternoon.

Ke Huy Quan picked up another award to add to his tally, taking home the first prize handed out during the show, for Best Supporting Performance by Everything everywhere at once. The film’s writer and director, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, won the Spirit Award for Best Screenplay, while Stephanie Hsu won for Best Breakthrough Performance. Everything is everywhere He also won work editing Paul Rogers.

The bear It won the award for Best New Script Series, with Ayo Edebiri taking home the award for Best Supporting Performance in a New Script Series.

According to tradition, the parade takes place inside a tent on the beach in Santa Monica. The ceremony, hosted by Hasan Minhaj, will be broadcast live on Film Independent’s YouTube channel as well as on IMDb’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Check out her star-studded red carpet access here.)

On our way to the show, Everything everywhere at once It leads the film’s nominations with eight nods including Best Picture and Best Direction. Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis were also nominated for their performances.

on the tv side, Abbott Elementary, Bear, Cut And Eleventh station They were tied for the most nominations, with three each.

This year, Film Independent got rid of its gender-specific acting categories, replacing Best Actor/Actress and Supporting Actor/Actress with gender-neutral categories with the same combined number of nominees. The new categories, Best Leading Performance and Best Supporting Performance, each feature 10 nominees.

Also during the ceremony, Sarah Polley The woman speaks He will receive the Robert Altman Award, which is given to the film’s director, director, and cast. Pachinko Winner of the award for Best Cast in a New Written Series.

The list of candidates below will be updated when they are announced live. Catch up on all of our awards season coverage here.

The best feature

(The award is given to the producer)

Bones and everything
Producers: Timothée Chalamet, Francesco Melzi Dirrell, Luca Guadagnino, David Kajanic, Lorenzo Meli, Marco Morabito, Gabriel Moratti, Teresa Park, Peter Spears

Everything everywhere at once
Producers: Daniel Kwan, Mike LaRoca, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Daniel Scheinert, Jonathan Wang

Our father the devil
Producers: Elie Fumby, Joseph Mastantono

Producers: Todd Field, Scott Lambert, Alexandra Milchan

The woman speaks
Producers: Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Frances McDormand

Best feature first

(Award given to the director and producer)

after the sun
Director: Charlotte Wells
Producers: Mark Cyriac, Amy Jackson, Barry Jenkins, Adele Romansky

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Emily the criminal
Director: John Patton Ford
Producers: Tyler Davidson, Aubrey Plaza, Drew Sykes

Director: Elegance Bratton
Producers: Evie T Brown, Chester Algernale Gordon

Director: Antonita Alamat Kocijanovic
Producers: Daniel Beck, Rodrigo Teixeira

Palm trees and power lines
Director/Producer: Jimmy Duck
Producer: Leah Chen Baker

John Cassavetes Award

Awarded for Best Film Made for Less Than $1 Million (Award Given to Writer, Director, and Producer)

African hopeless
Writer/Director/Producer: Martin Sims
Writer/Producer: Calicho Rocket
Producer: Vic Brooks

love song
Writer/Director/Producer: Max Walker Silverman
Producers: Jesse Hope, Dan Janvi

Writer/Director: Ricky D’Ambrose
Producer: Graham Sowon

Holy Amy
Writer/Director: Araceli Lemos
Writer/Producer: Julia Caruso
Producers: Mathieu Bombpoint, Kye-Jin Kim, Konstantinos Vasilaros

Something in the dirt
Writer/Director/Producer: Justin Benson
Director/Producer: Aaron Morehead
Producer: David Lawson Jr.

Best exit

Todd Field, tar

kogonada, after yang

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Everything everywhere at once

Sarah Polley The woman speaks

Helena Regen, Bodies Bodies Bodies

best case scenario

Lena Dunham, Katherine’s name is Birdie

Todd Field, tar

kogonada, after yang

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Everything everywhere at once (winner)

Sarah Polley The woman speaks

best case scenario

Joel Kim Poster, Fire Island

Jimmy Duck, Audrey Findlay, The Jimmy Duck Story, Palm trees and power lines

JD Davila, emergency

Sarah Delap, The Story of Christine Roupinyan, Bodies Bodies Bodies

John Patton Ford, Emily the criminal (winner)

Better lead performance

Cate Blanchett, tar

Dale Dickey, love song

mia goth, Pearl

Regina Hall, Honk to Jesus. Save your soul.

Paul Mescal after the sun

aubrey plaza, Emily the criminal

Jeremy Pope inspection

Andrea Riseborough, to Leslie

Taylor Russell Bones and everything

Michelle Yeoh, Everything everywhere at once

Best supporting performance

Jamie Lee Curtis, Everything everywhere at once

Brian Tyree Henry, bridge

Nina Hoss tar

Brian Darcy James, cathedral

Ke Huy Quan, Everything everywhere at once (winner)

Trevante Rhodes, Browser

Theo Rossi, Emily the criminal

Mark Rylance Bones and everything

Jonathan Tucker Palm trees and power lines

gabriel union, inspection

Best penetration performance

(new award)

Frankie Curio after the sun

Gracija Filipovic, Morena

Stephanie Hsu Everything everywhere at once (winner)

Lily McNearney Palm trees and power lines

Daniel Zolghadri funny pages

Best Cinematography

Florian Hofmeister tar (winner)

Helen Lowart, Morena

Gregory Oak after the sun

Elliott Rocket, Pearl

Anisa Ozeman Neptune Frost

Best montage

Ricky D’Ambrose cathedral

Dean Fleischer Camp, Nick Paley, Marcel the crust with the shoe

Blair McClendon after the sun

paul rogers, Everything everywhere at once (winner)

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Monica Willy tar

Robert Altman Award

(Awarded to one film’s director, director, and cast)

The woman speaks
Director: Sarah Polley
Casting Directors: John Buchan, Jason Knight
Cast: Shayla Brown, Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy, Kyra Jollwyn, Kate Hallett, Judith Ivey, Rooney Mara, Sheila McCarthy, Frances McDormand, Michelle MacLeod, Liv McNeil, Ben Whishaw, August Winter

Best Documentary

(Award given to the director and producer)

It all breathes
Director/Producer: Chunak Sen
Producers: Teddy Lever, Aman Man

All beauty and bloodshed (winner)
Director/Producer: Laura Poitras
Producers: Howard Gertler, Nan Goldin, Yoni Goligov, John Lyons

A house made of shrapnel
Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Producers: Monika Hellstrom

Director/Producer: Snow Hanin E. Heling
Producers: Milla Ong Thuen, Ola Lehman, Bob Moore

Riotsville, USA
Director: Sierra Pettengill
Producers: Sarah Archambault, Jamila Wynot

Best International Film

(Award given to the director)

corsage (Austria / Luxembourg / France / Belgium / Italy / England)
Director: Mary Kreutzer

Joyland (Pakistan/USA) (WINNER)
Director: Saem Sadek

Leonor will never die (Filipino)
Director: Martica Ramirez Escobar

Return to Seoul (South Korea / France / Belgium / Romania)
Director: Davey Chu

Saint Omar (France)
Director: Alice Diop

Robert Altman Award

The woman speaks
Director: Sarah Polley
Casting Directors: John Buchan, Jason Knight
Cast: Shayla Brown, Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy, Kyra Jollwyn, Kate Hallett, Judith Ivey, Rooney Mara, Sheila McCarthy, Frances McDormand, Michelle MacLeod, Liv McNeil, Ben Whishaw, August Winter

Producers Award presented by Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Now in its twenty-sixth year, this award honors emerging producers who, despite very limited resources, demonstrate the creativity, perseverance and vision required to produce quality independent films.

Liz Cardenas

Torey Lenowski (WINNER)

David Grove Churchill Vest

Award someone to watch

Now in its 29th year, this award is given to a talented filmmaker with an individual vision who has yet to receive the proper recognition.

Adama Ibo Honk to Jesus. Save your soul.

Nikiato Guso, Nanny (winner)

araceli limos, Holy Amy

True Than Fiction Award

Now in its 28th year, this award is given to an emerging director of non-fiction features who has not yet achieved significant recognition.

Isabel Castro mega

Reed Davenport I didn’t see you there (winner)

Rebecca Hunt, Peppa

Best New Series, Unscripted or Documentary

(Award given to creator, executive producer, and co-executive producer)

underground children
Executive Producers: Dan Coogan, Liz Garbus, John Barden, Ted Gissing, Gabriella Cowperthwaite, Kate Barry; Co-Executive Producer: Julie Gaither

Mind over killing
Executive Producers: Mark Smerling, Nanfu Wang, Max Hickman, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, Sarah Rodriguez

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Pepsi, where’s my plane?
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Nick Boak, Andrew Renzi, Andrew DeCorkin, Theo James, Andrew Fried, Jordan Wynn, Dean Lillegard, Sarina Roma; Co-Executive Producer: Jeremiah Murphy

replay (winner)
Writer/Executive Producer: Nathan Felder; Executive Producers: Dave Page, Dan McManus, Christy Smith; Co-Executive Producers: Carrie Kemper, Eric Notarnicola

We need to talk about Cosby
Executive Producers: W. Kamau Bell, Andrew Fried, Katie A. King, Vinnie Malhotra, Dean Lillegard, Sarina Roma, Jordan Wynn; Co-Executive Producer: Geraldine L. Porras

Best New Written Series

(Award given to creator, executive producer, and co-executive producer)

The bear (winner)
Writer/Executive Producer: Christopher Storer; Executive Producers: Joanna Callow, Josh Senior, Hiro Murray, Nate Matteson; Co-Executive Producer: Rene Jobe

Writer/Executive Producer: Soo Hyo; Executive Producers: Michael Ellenberg, Lindsey Springer, Theresa Kang Lui, Richard Middleton, Justin Chun, Kogonada; Co-Executive Producers: Danny Gorin, Sebastian Lee, David Kim, Ethan Kupperberg

Writers/Executive Producers: Marsha Green, Annmarie Morais, Arnold Pinnock; Writer/Co-Executive Producer: Bruce Ramsey; Creator: Aubrey Nealon; Executive Producers: Ian Dimmermann, Jennifer Kawaga, Charles Officer, RT Thorne, Amal Amin, Bruno Dobie, Alfre Woodard, Rose Kathryn Pinckney, Devin Griffin; Co-Executive Producers: Elise Cosino, Andrea Glinsky, Steve Cochran, Daphne Park

to cut
Writer/Executive Producer: Dan Erickson; Executive Producers: Ben Stiller, Nicholas Weinstock, Jackie Cohn, Mark Friedman, Andrew Colville, Chris Black, John Cameron; Co-Executive Producers: Jill Footlick, Carrie Drake

Eleventh station
Writer/Executive Producer: Patrick Somerville; Executive Producers: Jessica Rhodes, Scott Steindorf, Dylan Russell, Scott Dillman, Jeremy Podeswa, Hero Murray, Nate Mathison; Co-Executive Producers: David Nicksay and Nick Koss

Best Lead Performance in a New Written Series

Amal Amen porter

Mohammed Amer Month

Quinta Bronson, Abbott Elementary

Bridget Everett, somebody somewhere

as a million, Rap sh! T

Melanie Lynskey, Yellow jackets

Himesh Patel Eleventh station

Sue Ann Bean As we see it

Adam Scott to cut

Ben and Shaw, This will hurt

Best Supporting Performance in a New Scripted Series

Daniel Didwiller, Eleventh station

Ayo Adebery, The bear (winner)

Jeff Heller somebody somewhere

gbemisola icomelo, a league of their own

Janelle James, Abbott Elementary

Ebon Moose-Battrach, The bear

Frankie Quinones This asshole

Sheryl Lee Ralph Abbott Elementary

Molly Shannon I love it for you

Trammell Tillman, to cut

Best Team in a New Series

Cast: Soji Arai, Jin Ha, Inji Jeong, Minha Kim, Kaho Minami, Lee Minho, Steve Sangyun Noh, Anna Sawai, Jimmy Simpson, Yoh Jung Yoon