June 16, 2024

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3 killed in shooting near Philadelphia

3 killed in shooting near Philadelphia

The suspect “surrendered peacefully” as SWAT surrounded his home.



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A police officer patrols in Levittown, Pennsylvania, where a stay-at-home order was issued on March 16, 2024.  (JOE LAMBERTI/AFP)

One Man “Very Dangerous”A man suspected of killing three members of his family on Saturday March 16 in the US Northeast surrendered after hours of surveillance by special police intervention forces.

Andre Gordon Jr., 26 years old, “Surrendered Peacefully” In Trenton, the New Jersey state capital near New York, a local police spokesman said. “He was arrested unharmed and was found outside the home.” A large contingent of special police intervention forces, especially SWAT, was deployed there.

Andre Gordon Jr., presented as homeless by authorities who released his photo, is suspected of going on a morning spree in Levittown, a large suburb of Philadelphia in neighboring Pennsylvania, where he killed three members of his family. in two different places.

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