June 24, 2024

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71 people died in the wildfire and 22 suspects were arrested

Algeria is battling the island while complicating the air rescue mission. According to the head of state, most fires are “criminal in origin”.

Firefighters and volunteers are fighting relentlessly against the blaze that has engulfed northern Algeria, and on the first day of national mourning, issued a stern order to evacuate the 71 people who died in the blaze.

On Thursday evening, Algerian President Abdelmatzi Deboun announced the arrest of 22 suspects on the island, including 11 in the large city of DC Oso in the capital, Kapilia, who had traditionally rebelled against federal authority. Mr. Debon Kapil anonymously accused the separatists of wanting to use disaster to divide the country. Most fires are of “criminal origin,” according to the head of state.

According to a recent report, the country is still plagued by several catastrophic fires, which have already claimed the lives of 43 civilians and 28 soldiers. Charred plants, dying cattle and besieged villages: The fire left the desert on the way through Kapilia. According to a report, 92 fires were reported in 16 villages (provinces), including 37 in DC Oso and 15 in El Dorf, near the Tunisian border on Thursday.

Volunteers fight the fire.

Riyadh Kramti / AFP

When they had to evacuate their homes to escape the fire, the villagers began to return to their villages. Then they looked at the extent of the damage and saw the catastrophe. One of them says he lost everything: “I have nothing. My workshop, my car, my apartment.” But this man “saved his family”, while “the neighbors died or lost their loved ones”.

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National mourning

Faced with tragedy, Algeria observes the first three days of national mourning on Thursday. On the fourth day of the fire, efforts to extinguish the fire continued unabated.

With often limited resources, firefighters, veterans and volunteers are always trying to control fires. They are backed by two water bombers sent by France on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a tweet.

President Deboun promised that two more Canadians would come from Spain and one from Switzerland. In the face of the scale of the disaster, calls for help are growing in civil society and in Algeria and beyond. NGOs operate in France to send equipment to disaster areas through local organizations.

Extreme heat wave

Algeria is facing a severe heat wave, making it difficult for air retrievers. Justice has ordered the start of an investigation into the circumstances of a person’s death, alleging he was set on fire by a mob that set him on fire.

After the flames passed, the landscapes were destroyed.
After the flames passed, the landscapes were destroyed.

Riyadh Kramti / AFP

Every year, the northern part of Algeria is hit by wildfires. By 2020, nearly 44,000 hectares of coffee will be smoked. But this phenomenon is exacerbated by the increasing fire on the planet. An intense heat wave should continue until the weekend in MacRae. On Wednesday, Tunisia recorded an all-time high of 50 degrees Celsius (50.3 C) in Cairo.

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