April 13, 2024

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A car went into a crowd at the carnival, killing at least six people

A car went into a crowd at the carnival, killing at least six people

Today is Sunday morning at about 5 p.m., A driver Drove the crowd in Streeby-Brockwignis, a district of La Louvre, In Belgium. At least six people were killed, according to the city’s emergency department.

Large crowds gathered early this Sunday morning to see the Gilles collection before the festival celebrations began. According to several Belgian media, a car arrived relatively quickly, hitting a group of about a hundred people. Our colleagues report that the driver continued on his way before he was finally arrested Evening.

The path of terrorism is not currently favorable

According to city mayor Jack Cobert, a provisional report showed four people had been killed. The estimate was revised to say that 6 had died, 10 had been severely wounded, and 26 had been the king’s lawyer “at various stages.” During a press conference held at the town hall at 11 a.m., the mayor confirmed that the car was traveling “at high speed” and arrived “from the back” of a group of “150 to 200 people”.

A 34-year-old man and a 32-year-old man were also in the car, police said. According to the RTBF, they are not known for similar facts. Defendants have not yet been heard, so it is not yet clear whether the driver deliberately drove into the crowd. Nevertheless, “the path of terrorism is not privileged”, at this point in the trial the king’s lawyer’s deputy stated that an trial magistrate would be arrested for “murder”.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cruy lamented on Twitter, “A community that can celebrate is heartbroken.” “My thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. All my support goes to their help and assistance to the emergency services, ”he added.

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