June 25, 2024

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A designated Jed Lowrie, select Cal Stevenson

A designated Jed Lowrie, select Cal Stevenson

The athletics team announced a series of roster moves ahead of today’s match, recalling the left player JB Sears Choosing the contract of the defensive player Cal Stevenson. In the corresponding moves, right Paul Blackburn He was placed on the injured and players list for 15 days good lori assigned to the task. Matt Kohara from the San Francisco Chronicle He passed on word from the team that Blackburn’s injury is a sore right finger.

Lowry, 38, is a veteran player playing in his 14th season in the MLS, with seven of the last nine in Oakland. He signed a two-year contract with the Mets ahead of the 2019 season, which turned out to be a disaster as mounting injuries limited Lowrie to just nine games over the course of this decade. He returned to Auckland last year and made an impressive bounce, averaging over 139 league games.

The A brought him back for 2022 with a modest salary of $850,000, with a $100,000 bonus for spending 60 days on the active roster and a $150,000 bonus for trading. With Auckland undergoing massive sales during the holiday season, Lowrie appears to have wanted A on board as a competent veteran presence amid the youth roster. If he plays well enough to be charged for prospects by the deadline, that’s a great bonus. Unfortunately, Lowrie has an in-season .180/.245/.263 streak for WRC+ of only 49. Now that the deadline has passed, it looks like the A’s will be using the final few months of the season to rate younger players, with Lowrie pushing him out of the picture.

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Stevenson is one of those younger players who has had a shot at with Oakland. The 25-year-old was the Blue Jays’ 10th-round pick in 2018 but has since been part of several deals. He went to the Astros next to him Aaron Sanchez And the Joe Biagini In the 2019 deal for Derek Fisher. Houston then traded it for Tampa in 2020 as part of the Austin Pruitt Deal. Stephenson rays sent to last month as part of the return Christian Bethancourt.

The left-handed hitter has always carried himself well on the board, posting double-digit walk averages on each of his secondary stops and always getting a WRC+ above 100, indicating above-average production. He debuted at Double-A in the Rays last year, running 92 games, walking 15.3% of the time and hitting .254/.368/.403. That number hit WRC+118, or 18% above average, with 17 stolen bases thrown in for good measure. This year, he’s been on Triple-A all year long, split between the Durham Bulls and the Las Vegas Aviator. In 73 combined matches, he’s amazingly walked 15.3% of his board appearances again, while hitting .275/.387/.402 for wRC+113, passing 15 sacks in the process. He will get a chance to see how he holds himself up against the big league competitions during the final few weeks of 2022, before Team A decides how to proceed with building their roster for next season.

It’s unclear how long Blackburn will be out of the field, but it looks like Sears will at least get a few turns in the spin. The 26-year-old Sears was one of the guys who came from the Yankees in the Frankie Montas trade just over a week ago. He has made seven appearances for the Yankees this year, but will take on Oakland by starting today’s game, replacing Blackburn, who was the originally scheduled starting player.

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