May 21, 2024

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A document about a country’s nuclear capabilities was found at Donald Trump’s home

A document about a country’s nuclear capabilities was found at Donald Trump’s home

The “Washington Post”, which published this information, did not mention the name of the country or whether it was a friendly or hostile government.

According to The Washington Post, the FBI raided former US President Donald Trump’s Florida home in Mar-a-Lago and reportedly found a document detailing the military forces of a foreign government, including its nuclear weapons. The US newspaper did not name the country, or whether it was an ally or an enemy country. On August 8, federal police seized boxes of classified documents that had not been returned after Republicans left the White House, despite multiple requests. A few days after the search, The The Washington Post He promised that the FBI was looking for documents related to nuclear weapons.

The dramatic and unprecedented police action has sparked a storm against former US President Donald Trump, who plans to run for president in 2024. “Unlawful and unconstitutional” and repeatedly targeted for political reasons. On Monday, a judge ruled in his favor and ordered the appointment of an independent expert to review the documents seized on August 8. The decision temporarily bars federal investigators from using them as part of their criminal investigation.

Among the documents seized during the police operation, 18 documents are classified as “Top Secret”, more than 50 “Secret” and 31 “Secret”.

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