Thursday, July 25, 2024

A dozen cars were set on fire in the town of Codyssard in Fort-de-France


A dozen vehicles were set ablaze by propaganda in the car park of a high-rise in Codysgard last night (July 7). Police suspect the fuel theft was a botched operation. A grinder was found at the scene and several cars had open fuel tanks.

Firefighters and police responded to the car park of a high-rise building in Codychard at around 3am last night (July 7). On the spot: a dozen burned cars.

According to our information, the fire may have caught fire from one vehicle before it spread to others.

A grinder on the scene and several open gas tanks indicate a gasoline theft gone wrong.

A dozen cars were set on fire in Codyssard, Fort-de-France.

“Sparks generated by the grinder may have ignited due to contact with petrol.”A police source is considered with Martinique The 1 this morning.

Neighbors said an altercation broke out the night before between a group of youths at the base of the tower and residents disturbed by the noise. It could not be said that the fire was set in revenge.

The culprits are yet to be arrested.

It was a turbulent time for Fort-de-France firefighters. Early in the morning, the tenant threatened to evict her accommodation in the Hermitage District.

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