May 27, 2024

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A high school man incites his homosexuality in a speech and the principal tries to interrupt him

A student American In the middle he was interrupted by his high school principal and almost audited
Speech At the end of the year. The Chancellor did not openly appreciate that the young man had provoked himself
Homosexuality In front of other students.

As a politician, Price Dersheim had the privilege of delivering this speech in front of all his colleagues. High School From New Jersey, report Huff Post. But he described the difficulties he faced in his schooling following his announcement
Homosexuality In the first year, the Chancellor intervened.

Alleged technical problem

After cutting off the microphone, the young man picked up the text that had been printed on a piece of paper and gave him another text that had already been approved by the school administration. Price Dershem initially walked away from the lecturer, but after a moment’s hesitation resumed his opening speech from memory, his memory Sexual orientation, His appetite and mental management in high school.

The 18-year-old was cheered on by the crowd, who praised him during the principal’s intervention. Someone brought him another microphone. When asked on American television, Price Dershem explained that the principal of the high school had tried to believe the technical problem. At the end of his speech, the student made a “standing speech”.

As soon as he arrived at the venue, Price set the tone for Dersham. He wore a rainbow flag over his graduation gown, which is not uncommon. The administration asked him to remove it, but the young man refused. The video of his speech made rounds on social networks. The governor of New Jersey praised his “courage” in a tweet.

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