June 16, 2024

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A La Niña event affecting the climate of a part of the world will affect the snow cover this winter

A La Niña event affecting the climate of a part of the world will affect the snow cover this winter

By influencing the position jet stream, the persistence of the La Niña event will have effects on temperatures and snow cover this winter, particularly in North America. In Europe, the impact of La Niña is unknown, but forecasts for this winter all call for the same worrying scenario.

La Nina appears in phases of one to two years, alternating with its warmer El Niño. These two cases are classified irregularityirregularity Temperature of a region of the Pacific Ocean: Relatively cooler than average water in this particular region La NiñaLa Niña, warmer water associated with El Niño. La Niña has experienced several drops in intensity since September 2020, peaking again last spring and continuing through September 2022. NOAA Climate Forecasts This indicates that the phenomenon will intensify in the coming winter Third year in a row, a rare but unprecedented event. Like El Niño, La Niña also affects strongly Weather reportWeather report From one part of the world.

Heavy snowfall in North America and Canada

La Niña typically causes anticyclone to lock in the North Pacific Ocean. jet stream North: It has the coldest winters in Canada and the wettest in the US Northwest (Washington, Montana, Wyoming), Northeast (New York, Massachusetts, Maine…) and the Great Lakes region. , and warmer and drier than average across the entire South, which happened in 2020 and 2021. site Severe Weather Europe A study of different long-term weather forecast models (ECMWF and UKMO): Although the ECMWF model predicts significant snowfall in Canada and a deficit in the western US, the UKMO model exhibits more classic forecasts for La Niña: A snowy winter beginning in December, and in January, in the northwestern US (including the Rockies); Great Lakes region, northeast of the country and across Canada. Forecasts are similar to what these regions have experienced over the past two years: snow cover has been most beneficial to the western US, while the southern US has experienced 2021-2022 is a historically warm and dry winter.

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Heading for a dry and mild winter in Europe?

The impact of La Niña on European climate is unknown: it may be absent or unknown to current science. Over the next three months (November, December, January) both ECMWF and UKMO models do not see much snow cover across Europe, which promises to be particularly dry in December. Some snow is expected in November, but the following doesn’t look cold enough to allow for the arrival of snow outside of the higher elevations. Remember that Long term forecast Test samples taken with tweezers. But if these predictions for winter are confirmed, the deficit Snow That would be very bad news for most of Europe BiodiversityBiodiversityWater Resources and Mountain Recreation Economics.