May 29, 2024

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A large sarcasm bank juts toward the Guadalupe Archipelago

A large sarcasm bank juts toward the Guadalupe Archipelago

Sargassum sponge approach. The entire Caribbean seems to be affected by this invasion of sponge boats heading our way from African shores. The underlying predictions are not good.

The view is impressive! The 8000 km long Sargassum is approaching.

It should weigh more than 6 million tons. The wave was tracked by a satellite. Part of the African coast, according to international projections, is currently heading toward Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

According to American scientists, this belt of sargassum algae could reach unprecedented proportions.

It is predicted to reach South America in July, but before then, the algae will cross the Caribbean. And in the 1st place among the most affected islands: Guadeloupe, Northern Islands, Martinique.


The American Daily USA Today Cited by Mail International This unusual development of sarcasm underscores that it is specifically related to human activity

“Lawn fertilizers, sewage or agricultural waste, release large amounts of pollutants into rivers, lakes and oceans.”

asked the American newspaper. Biologist Brian Lapointe, an algae expert at Florida Atlantic University, also notes this.

“These [polluants] The common point of proliferation of all these algae, sargassum, is red tides [provoquées par l’algue Karenia brevis] or blue algae”

Brian Lapointe, Biologist

Over the next few weeks we will once again have to deal with the usual sponge landings across the West Indies.

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