February 28, 2024

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A Mysterious Giant Hole Has Appeared in Chile, Here’s What We Know – Edition du soir Ouest-France

A Mysterious Giant Hole Has Appeared in Chile, Here’s What We Know – Edition du soir Ouest-France

There is a huge hole in the ground in Chile. The crater is about 32 meters in diameter and 200 meters deep. Officials are investigating why and how this happened.

(Map: West-France)

A large gaping hole forming a wide circle in the middle of a dry land, with only a few bushes. This mysterious sinkhole is located in the land near Tierra Amarilla, Chile. Authorities learned of his appearance on Saturday, July 30, 2022, Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday, August 2.

Mining operations

The sinking was confirmed by Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mines (Sernageomin). According to company director David Montenegro, the narrow hole sinks about 200 meters into the ground! Its diameter: about 32 meters, public company a contacted.

According to Reuters, the hole appeared on land operated by Canadian mining company Lundin Mining, where copper mining operations are underway.

The company reported in A contacted, a safety perimeter is set up around the hole and no injuries or property damage should be regretted. This was also confirmed by the Chilean authorities.

Lundin Mining confirmed that the nearest house was 600 meters away and that there was a hole. “fixed”. Chernageom has sent experts to the site to investigate, and they are working with the company to determine the origin of this mysterious sinkhole.

Holes all over the world

The mayor of Tierra Amarilla, a town of 13,000 citizens, demanded an explanation. In comments reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP), he wondered whether or not the hole was caused by mining operations. Therefore, it has to be determined through on-the-spot investigations.

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This is not the first time such incidents have taken place. The appearance of these holes is constantly observed almost everywhere in the world. Thus, in China, A giant crater An ancient forest identified by scientists in May 2022 was revealed.

In June 2021, a large sinkhole occurred in a farmland Santa Maria Zacatepec, Mexico. “We think this may be a weakness of the field as the entire area is cultivated and the groundwater is extracted,” he said. said Beatriz Manrique, environmental manager for the Mexico City region. have “weakened the solidity of the subsoil”.

Many other holes have emerged in recent yearsSometimes resulting in interesting scenes captured by press photographers.