Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A new report suggests that Daniel Snyder probably won’t be selling leaders


From the moment Commander owner Daniel Snyder announced he was exploring the possibility of selling the team, some have wondered if this was a ruse, a ruse, or an attempt to buy time. To take the heat out of the proverbial hot kitchen.

Those who thought he might be on to something.

Just one day later Washington Post Reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has hired an investment firm to explore a potential offer for the team, the New York Post He posted an item indicating that Snyder might not sell the team at all.

It’s not the headline. But it is the obvious result of The new report The claim that the highest bids to buy the team were “well below” the $6 billion cut-off limit, and that Bezos had been “turned away” from Snyder’s bid for the team.

The article’s text eventually concludes with the idea, suggesting that Snyder may decide to keep the team, given that he didn’t get the show he wanted.

“He’s a donkey and may not want to give it up,” said an unnamed source “watching the sale closely.” New York Post.

Bid reports for the team were all over the place. Forbes reported in December that Snyder had several bids “north of” $7 billion. the Washington Post And then I mentioned that the initial interest data came in with a maximum bid of $6.3 billion. now , New York Post He says the number fell “well below” $6 billion.

And why wouldn’t Snyder want Bezos in the bid, if Bezos could potentially give Snyder what he wants?

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What Snyder might want is an excuse not to sell. What he might spark next is a potential fight with his business partners over whether he should be ousted. Snyder may be willing to welcome this fight.

In the middle of it all is a long-suffering fan base who want Snyder out. Maybe it’s time for them to make their voices heard, loudly, to make sure Snyder doesn’t do what New York Post Item suggests it might.

And maybe it’s time for the league to tell Mary Jo White to end its investigation of Snyder and the team, which appears to have been mothballed since Snyder said he planned to sell the team.