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Cassidy Stephenson

A Pokemon Go player “flexes” hunting Shadow Raid Mewtwo

published: 2023-05-27 T17:15:04

updated: 2023-05-27 T17:15:11

A Pokemon Go player was lucky enough to catch Mewtwo from Shadow Raid – but the trainer’s luck didn’t stop there.

Shadow Mewtwo will appear for a limited time in Shadow Raids Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 10 am local time until Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 8 p.m. local time. Therefore, Pokemon Go users must act quickly to catch this legendary Pokemon.

Previously, players could capture Shadow Mewtwo after defeating Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. However, this event marks the first appearance of Mewtwo in Raid Battles.

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While Shadow Mewtwo Raid can be challenging, one Pokemon Go trainer defied all odds to make it happen. The player managed to score Mewtwo which was amazing in many ways.

Hunting Shadow Mewtwo for a Pokemon Go player is insane


Reddit user Maglorious Post a screenshot of Incredible achievement On the Pokemon Go subreddit. The trainer somehow caught Shiny Shundo Mewtwo – two near impossible draws in one. A Shundo is a shiny Pokemon with an IV of 100 in the mobile game.

In the comments section, the OP claimed that the last shondo they caught was about 2-3 years ago. Meanwhile, some players have never been so lucky to get a Shundo — even if they’ve played since 2016.

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“Ha. So huge evolutions, the best Mewtwo in existence. All you need now is a buddy bonus,” wrote 10BritishPounds.

Fellow Pokemon Go users have tried to calculate the odds of this crazy catch. “1 in 1000 it’s a hando. Multiply that by the shiny odds. I don’t know the shiny odds, sorry,” FBlagentwantslove commented.

“My account on my pad says about 1:60,000 raids, and some of it is not a CP drop,” Rexleax said.

If you’re having trouble finishing Shadow Mewtwo Raid, check out our guide on the best counters and weaknesses to employ in battle.

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