June 13, 2024

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A pro-Palestine demonstration in Paris this Wednesday evening

A pro-Palestine demonstration in Paris this Wednesday evening

New demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people are taking place in several cities in France today in response to an Israeli strike that killed dozens of people in Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

It is the third consecutive rally since Monday. A new demonstration in support of the Palestinian people is taking place in Paris this Wednesday, May 29, at Place Saint-Augustin in the capital’s 8th arrondissement.

The venue was chosen during Monday’s rally, one kilometer from the Israeli embassy in Rafah, the Gaza Strip, accused of carrying out a strike that killed dozens last weekend.

According to our journalist on site, the rally was smaller than in recent days, with at least 1,000 demonstrators chanting slogans such as “Free Palestine” or “We are all children of Gaza”. Around 10.30 pm they dispersed after being prevented from entering the capital’s main roads. Not crowded in the evening.

Other rallies took place in other cities, such as Lille, where about 300 people condemned the Israeli bombing of Rafah. In Marseille, as in Lyon and Nantes, mayors announced that the lights in their town halls would be switched off from 10pm “in memory of the civilian victims of Gaza”.

Hugues Garnier with AFP Journalist BFMTV

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