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A section of grain silos at the port of Beirut collapsed, almost two years after the port exploded


The accident comes just days before the second anniversary of the port’s deadly explosion. A section of damaged grain silos at the port of Beirut collapsed on Sunday, July 31, following a fire. Journalists from Agence France-Presse (AFP) noted that a cloud of dust covered the harbor after two towers collapsed.

Salman Andari, a journalist from the SkyNews Arabia news channel, shared a video of grain bins partially collapsing at the Port of Beirut.

Army helicopters immediately flew to the area and poured water in an attempt to completely extinguish the fire in the building. Two more towers are in danger of collapsing, said Public Works Minister Ali Hamiyeh. Two weeks ago, a fire broke out in the most damaged part of the silos, which according to officials and experts, was caused by the fermentation of the remaining grain reserves, due to high temperatures.

The fire rekindled the trauma of relatives of victims of the August 4, 2020 blast, More than two people died and 6,500 were injured And Destroyed entire neighborhoods of the Lebanese capital. An explosion occurred in a warehouse where hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate were being carelessly stored. The grain silos of the port, which were hit hard by the blast, partially collapsed.

Inquiry: The article is reserved for our subscribers A year after the explosion of the port of Beirut, the investigation slips away and an entire population, at the end of their connection, demands truth and justice.

Leave the place and wear a mask

Fires and smoke from Silap since the beginning of the month are still visible. After the fire, Prime Minister Najib Mikadi this week warned that the silos were in danger of collapsing and called in the military and the Directorate of Disaster Management. “Caution”.

Officials said parts of the silos still contain 3,000 tons of wheat and other grains that have not been removed due to the risk of collapse. The Environment and Health Ministries have advised the public to evacuate the area, wear face masks and close windows in case of collapsing silos.

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In April, Lebanon ordered the pits to be demolished, but the decision was suspended due to opposition from relatives of victims of the tragedy, who want to turn it into a memorial. “I cried when I learned that the silos had collapsedCécile Roukoz, who lost her brother in the August 4 blast, told AFP. We want them to witness the crime (…) And in memory of those who lost their lives without cause. »

August 4, 2020 An investigation into the cause of the tragedy has been stalled for months by political obstruction. Cited for criminal negligence, The victim’s family blames the authorities And NGOs harass her to avoid charges.

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