March 4, 2024

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A zebra that escaped from the Seoul Zoo has run through the streets after the death of its parents


SEOUL — Sero, the three-year-old zebra who escaped from Seoul’s major children’s zoo this week, had a streak of rebelliousness that was already evident before he was filmed trotting across the city in viral videos, dazzling bystanders and bikers.

Zoo officials said the young male horse, born in captivity in 2019, had a change in behavior after the death of his parents.

Ciro started to refuse to eat the apples and carrots he loved after his parents died. Officials said he also began getting into fights with the kangaroos living in the next enclosure video.

Ciro escaped from his enclosure on Thursday afternoon, breaking through the wooden fences surrounding his pen, According to the semi-official Yonhap news agency in South Korea.

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After escaping, Seiro wanders the busy streets of Seoul, a densely populated city of nearly 10 million, to… shock to witnesses. A shopkeeper in Seoul said he felt as if he was watching a wildlife documentary, Yonhap mentioned. A driver said the zebra came out of nowhere before crashing into his car.

Just before his arrest, Ciro was jogging back and forth on a narrow street lined with multi-family brick homes, according to video.

Sero was first reported missing by the zoo around 2:43 PM local time. Firefighters located him about three-quarters of a mile from his perimeter, according to the Gwangjin Fire Station. He was found near a bike that firefighters suspected was broken.

Firefighters then blocked the entrances to the alley so that Seiro would not return to the crowded streets of Seoul, which would endanger himself and pedestrians.

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Firefighters said Ciro was drugged and captured three hours later, around 6 p.m. No one was hurt during his adventure.

Zoo official Choi Yi Ra said Siro is healthy and is now back in his enclosure. She said the zoo is reviewing the camera footage and investigating why he escaped.

Zebras live up to 20 years in the wild and up to 40 years in captivity. According to the African Wildlife Foundationa conservation group based in Nairobi.