May 29, 2024

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Abandoned at sea during their honeymoon, they are seeking $5 million

Abandoned at sea during their honeymoon, they are seeking $5 million

In September 2021, Elizabeth Webster and Alexander Burkle went on a trip to Hawaii. Abandoned in the open sea, they had to swim back to shore.

After setting off on a water cruise from Hawaii, a couple of Californians find themselves abandoned in the open ocean, enough to ruin their vacation on the Pacific island.

Enraged and believing that the incident was in no way their responsibility, they decided to sue the company behind the trip, demanding from them now 5 million dollars (about 4.7 million Euros), the proceeds. Guardian.

Bitter water

Elizabeth Webster and her husband Alexander Burkle have chosen September 2021 for their honeymoon in Hawaii. Determined to experience the turquoise lagoons of the American island state, the newlyweds decided to book a snorkeling excursion or water cruise with Sail Maui.

On September 23, 2021, they boarded a boat at 10 am along with 42 other passengers docked at the port. Lahaina On the island of Maui. Mass has been arranged at 3 pm.

As reported NBC, the captain, who was able to discuss the couple’s complaint, tells them that the boat will remain stationary for the first hour before taking the vacationers to a second destination. However, he would not specify the exact time of his return.

Elizabeth Webster and her husband enter the water at 10:50 a.m. and begin exploring the area. An hour later, at 11:50, they decided to return by boat. The problem is, the water starts to get choppy, and the boat puts them off, visible in the distance but seemingly out of reach.

“As the water receded, the complainants began swimming rapidly toward the boat. At approximately 12:20 p.m., after another quarter of an hour of swimming, the boat sank,” the complaint states.

Three counts on the board

Elizabeth and her husband try to get the boat’s attention, in vain. Their cries go unheard, and the boat continues its excursion, reaching its second destination. On board, passengers confirm that the crew actually carried out three counts to identify the number of passengers. After counting 42 rowers twice, they would have finally arrived at 44 on the third try.

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But witnesses affirm that the practice was imperfect and that at no time was he asked to remain still. “It was really chaotic. Everyone was moving so they could easily slip through the cracks,” Jessica Hebert, who was on the boat, told the channel. Hawaii News Now.

Another witness mentions that a passenger on the boat tried to alert a crew member to say that the newlyweds had gone further out to sea.

Dangerous area

The couple who stayed in the water are worried. Depth is more and more important, and the bank is located a little less than a kilometer. Knowing that they were in danger of drowning, Elizabeth and her husband decided to swim for dry land.

“The attorneys were very apprehensive and nervous about this decision because they had been expressly told during the safety briefing not to swim toward Lahaina and the reefs in that area were shallow,” the complaint states.

Dehydrated and exhausted, Elizabeth and Alexander eventually return to shore and seek help from a local. They are now seeking $5 million from the travel company, for general damages and emotional distress.

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