May 30, 2024

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According to the Israeli military, France participated in the defense of the Hebrew state

According to the Israeli military, France participated in the defense of the Hebrew state

Attack on Israel 'achieved all its objectives', says Iran's armed forces chief

Operation “Honest Promise” was successfully carried out between last night and this morning and achieved all its objectives, the head of Iran's armed forces, General Mohammad Bagheri, announced on television on Sunday. He said no urban or economic center in Israel was targeted by Iranian drones and missiles.

He said there were two main target sites “Intelligence center that provided information to the Zionists” 1 for the strike that destroyed the Iranian embassy in DamascusThere is April, as well “Nevadim Air Base, Where F-35s Take Off” Who bombed it? “Both these centers were significantly damaged and taken out of service.”He promised.

“We have no intention of continuing this course of action, but if the Zionist regime takes action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, whether on our soil or in Syria, or in our centers elsewhere, our next course of action will be even more important.”A senior official warned.

Also, General Bagheri announced that he was with the Iranian authorities It sent a message to the United States that its bases would not be safe if it cooperated with Israel in possible next steps. [iraniennes] ». The US has several military bases in the region. The message was relayed by the Swiss embassy, ​​which represents US interests in Iran, where the two countries do not have diplomatic relations.

Hossein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, questioned on state television, said the operation was carried out at night. “could have been bigger”. “We limited this operation to the services that the Zionist regime used to attack our embassy.” In Syria. Seven Revolutionary Guards, including two high-ranking officers, were killed in the strike on the embassy.

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According to Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the Israeli military, three hundred missiles were fired against the Jewish state during the Tehran-led attack, including one hundred and seventy drones intercepted without reaching Israel. “This is where US Middle East Command (CentCom) has made a big effort.”He commented.

“None of the thirty cruise missiles fired by Iran entered Israeli airspaceMr. Hagari added. Twenty-five of them were shot down by Israeli operations outside the airspace. » clarified that “One hundred and ten ballistic missiles were launched”Don't “Only a few fell in Israeli territory”In particular, Nevadim Air Base, located in the Negev Desert, reports negligible material damage.

“Together with the United States and other partners, we succeeded in securing the territory of the State of Israel.”Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said.