April 21, 2024

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According to Vladimir Putin, as in 1945, victory is ours

According to Vladimir Putin, as in 1945, victory is ours

On May 8, the Russian president addressed the former Soviet bloc and Central Asian countries and the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine with references to “Nazism.”

On May 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised in his congratulatory message.[Wewonin1945[1945ல்வெற்றிநமதே“Increases comparisons between World War II and the conflict in Ukraine.”[Todayoursoldiersarefightingshouldertoshoulderliketheirancestorswiththehopethatvictoryisoursasitwasin1945[1945ஆம்ஆண்டுபோல்வெற்றிநமக்கேஎன்றநம்பிக்கையுடன்இன்றுநமதுராணுவவீரர்களும்தங்கள்மூதாதையர்களைப்போலவேதோளோடுதோள்நின்றுபோராடிவருகின்றனர்“, The Kremlin master said in a message sent on Sunday to the separatist areas of the former Soviet camp, Central Asia and eastern Ukraine.

Today, it is the common duty of the people of different countries to prevent the renaissance of Nazism which has caused so much suffering.“, He added, like”The new generation deserves the memory of their fathers and grandfathers“.

In his vows, Vladimir Putin not only repeated references to soldiers, but “”In front of the house“,”Who crushed Nazism at the cost of countless sacrifices“.”Unfortunately, today Nazism is resurfacing“, The Russian president announced in a passage to the Ukrainians.”It is our sacred duty to prevent the ideological heirs of the defeatedWhat Moscow callsThe Great Patriotic War“, In”Their revenge“.

The President wantedTo all the people of Ukraine – a peaceful and just future“. In Russia, Moscow will commemorate its victory over Nazi Germany on MondayWill be called following with a military paradeImmortal RegimentTo pay tribute to the ancestors who fought.

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