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According to Volodymyr Zelensky, there is no “alternative” to the EU candidacy …


08:24: Kharkiv prepares to withstand a second Russian attack

New trenches, concrete blocks, sandbags, and several checkpoints around the city: Kharkiv, which had already repulsed the first Russian offensive in February, has not reduced its defenses and is arranging its defenses in view of the Russian invasion. A pink silk marks the entrance to a new moat northeast of Ukraine’s second city. The land is still black and wet, with soldiers resting in the sun on tank tops.

The rope around Kharkiv has been loosened, but the regional capital, about fifty kilometers from the Russian border, is aware that it is under permanent threat and has arranged a second line of defense behind the first lines.

On the day of the Russian invasion on February 24, he said, “We have no positions. Our fighters were lying on the roadside, behind the mounds, firing from there. We were in touch. But now we have trenches, well-protected areas. As for the Russians, this position cannot be taken, “he asserted.

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