April 13, 2024

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Admitted to hospital urgently for a possible intestinal obstruction, Jair Bolzano will not undergo surgery

The evolution of the Brazilian president’s health is “consistently satisfactory” and he will start a liquid diet from Tuesday, the hospital said.

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Doctors under Brazilian President Jair Bolzano, who was rushed to a hospital in S பாo Paulo on Monday on suspicion of intestinal obstruction, announced on Tuesday (January 4) that he would not have surgery. But the Brazilian leader will remain in hospital indefinitely.

Nine months before the presidential election, the 66-year-old head of state was flown from his holiday destination in the southern state of Santa Catarina to S பாo Paulo Sunday and Monday and was admitted to the Vila Nova Star Hospital.

This is stated in the press release issued by the organization “Intestinal obstruction”, Partial ban on President’s transport, “Done” And that ‘“No surgery required”. Evolution of the state of Jair Bolsanaro “Continues to be satisfactory” The hospital also said he would start a liquid diet from Tuesday“No release date is planned at this stage”.

Two tweets were posted on the president’s official account, approving a tax cut for imports of scientific materials, as a way to show that he is in control of the country despite being admitted to hospital.

Since he was stabbed in September 2018, in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Jair Bolzano has experienced repeated stomach warnings.

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He was stabbed in the gut during the walk and escaped death shortly after. The aftermath of this attack has halted his entire order, and he has already had four surgeries on his abdomen since the end of 2018.