June 25, 2024

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Affected by its success, Donald Trump’s social media site has been unable to meet the demand

New social network Donald Trump, “Truth Social”, launched its gradual online release, sparking great excitement on Monday, but was plagued by technical issues. The mobile processor, which will be fully operational by the end of March, more than a year after the former US president was banned from major platforms, has topped the list of most downloaded free programs from the online store. ‘Apple To do United States.

A malfunction due to “massive demand”

A few hours after launch “Social reality” In the US App Store, however, many users have noted that they do not yet have access Social Website. The following message appeared on the screen of some smartphones: “Due to high demand, we have put you on the waiting list. We love you, you are not just a number to us. ⁇

Preview members

On the other hand, people close to Trump, who were accessible even before the test version of the app was introduced, were on stage. The case of elected Republican Marjorie Taylor Green, who is well versed in conspiracy theories, released screenshots of her first news on “Truth Social” on Sunday, similar in appearance from Twitter.

“Whose account is it to be the only member of Congress Twitter Employees were banned, and I know what millions of conservatives had to endure who were robbed of their freedom of speech by technology giants for not wanting to repeat authoritative speech nonsense.

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