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After a day of tension, Guadeloupe University Hospital is under intensive care


Yesterday, clashes broke out between the federation and police following the removal of a picket line at the University Hospital center and the arrest of the protesters. Police security was put up at the entrance of the establishment on Tuesday morning. That night, roadblocks were set up.

This Tuesday, January 11, in front of the entrance to Guadeloupe University Hospital, a dangerous silence returned to Pointe–Pitre. Yesterday, the conflict between the demonstrators and the police in the organization of the establishment of the establishment of the organization. Barriers have also paralyzed part of the capital.

Diversion of dams in some fields

It was more or less quiet last night, although the points of tension were early in the morning. Roadblocks have been set up on several axes of the sector. In Le Gosier, Les Salines and Mare-Gaillard, car carcasses and debris pile up on the ground, blocking traffic.

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Cozier Dams 01/11/2022

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Other obstacles are listed by Roots de Guadeloupe in Bouliqui, Abymes and Blanchard.

CHU under police protection

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Tuesday, January 11, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Tense day in Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre

The UTS UGTG picket line, installed in the parking lot at the entrance to Guadeloupe CHU, was removed and destroyed by police on Monday, January 10th.
In front of the entrance to the hospital center, the genders took a position to filter the entrances and exits.

The move was made in the presence of some trade unionists, including UTS UGTG spokesman KP Clavier, who described the move.Barbaric act“. The union announced its intention to raise its pick line very quickly, as soon as the genders left, but to continue mobilizing.
At the invitation of the organization, several activists gathered in front of the CHU entrance at the end of the morning.

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Eddie M. The Story of the Day by Kolab Khan and Jean-Marie Mouncy:

The day on Monday, January 10 ended with a face-to-face meeting between the partners and the genders. Both areas are on either side of the CHU entrance. In Abymes, protesters hurled tear gas canisters as police stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The police circles reported that a protest was arrested for deliberate violence against the police.

On the side of the capital, “Three dams“They were set up early Monday morning at the Rivière des Pères roundabout in the town of Passe-Terre, according to a police source.”The police vehicle was set on fire“And the police were affected”Pebble blows“, Refers to the same source.
A video circulating on social media shows a motorcyclist falling violently in front of the burning dam of the Riviere des Perez. Firefighters confirmed that the motorcyclist was “taken to Center Hospital de Bass Terre in critical condition.”
10 to 20 centimeters long spikes were thrown on the road and used oil spilled on the axes involved. The molds were cleaned at the end of the morning.

Firefighters called

On Monday night, these tensions resulted in several interventions by firefighters. Firefighters say there was a risk of stones as the flames could not be extinguished just before 8pm and then after 9pm. Also in the presence of the police in the evening the fire of rubbish and rubbish bins was extinguished in rue Bébian in Point Pedro. In Cozier, near the church, and later in Peron, Saint-Rose, other centers were besieged.

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