June 26, 2024

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Alexeï Navalny, ill, left his prison “without care”.

Alexeï Navalny, ill, left his prison “without care”.

A massive leak of classified documents was allegedly instigated on Discord by a member of the military base

According to The Washington Post, the man behind the massive leak of US government secrets is believed to be a gun-obsessed teenager. At the center of the epidemic, he allegedly shared highly classified documents with a group of people who chat regularly on the Internet.

Firearms, military equipment and ” Lord A group of about two dozen people — mostly men and teenagers — created an invite-only lounge in 2020 on Discord, an online site popular among video gamers.

This is where the “OG” the chef of this salon works. According to The Washington Post Sourced by a young member of the group, this “OG” released hundreds of files that appeared to be transcripts of classified intelligence documents that the OG claimed to have brought back from his mission. military base “. He wished “Let us know”said the member.

The young man was impressed by the ‘OG”s prophetic ability to predict major events before they hit the headlines. “Only one with such high clearance” know Discord said in a statement it was cooperating with law enforcement and declined to comment.

The provenance of the documents published in recent days has not, at this point, been properly established and their authenticity has not been verified. Their content is also at risk Their spread has been instrumentalized and manipulated.