June 25, 2024

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Alonso's house advances and Julio Rodriguez lights up

Alonso’s house advances and Julio Rodriguez lights up


Everyone digs the long ball.

Major League Baseball 2022 Home Run Derby he is Monday night in Los Angeles on the eve of the 92nd All-Star Game. This year’s derby features some of baseball’s best players, including two-time champion Pete Alonso, who will be the first player in history to win three majors in a row.

Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber, who leads the National League with 29 first-half hits, is the top seed and number one face. 42-year-old Albert Pujols In the first round. Pujols, who played his last season, participated in the derby four times in his career – 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2015.

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Keep it here all night for live coverage of the Home Run Derby:

No. 1 Kyle Schwarber (Pheles) vs No. 8 Albert Pujols (Cardinals)

  • Pujols – 13 Hours – Longest 434 Feet: In his latest home derby, the 42-year-old showered with love from the fans and his fellow players, who all came to embrace him before bonus time.
  • Schwarber – 13 hours – Longest 470 feet: The 2018 runner-up struggled throughout his tour and couldn’t get past the fence in his extra minute of time. We’ll have a tie breaker!
  • PUJOLS WINS TIEBREAKER, 20-19: The Pujols found a groove in the extra one-minute round while Schwarber rebounded too late. What a disappointment!
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No. 4. Juan Soto (Nationals) defeats No. 5 Jose Ramirez (Guardians)

  • Ramirez – 17 Hours – Longest 421 feet: The Cleveland star hit with his right hand, constantly digging balls into the left-field stands, but that probably wouldn’t be enough to hold off Soto.
  • Soto – 18 hours – Longest 482 feet: Made it look easy and didn’t even need a full minute of bonus time, as it was left with 1 second left in the system.

No. 2 Pete Alonso (Mets) defeats No. 7 Ronald Acuña Jr (Braves)

  • Akuna – 19 hours – Longest 472 feet: He couldn’t find his foot early and only hit Homer one at 440 feet to gain 30 seconds of overtime. The gas was clearly running out at the end, but a massive effort from a man tore up the AFC Champions League days before last year’s All-Star Game.
  • Alonso – 20 hours – Longest 480 feet : It wasn’t great for Alonso about a minute ago, but as it is, he got hot when it mattered and got him out about halfway to a minute bonus time.

No. 6 Julio Rodriguez (Marines) defeats No. 3. Cory Seeger (Rangers)

  • Rodriguez – 32 hours – Longest 463 feet: The 21-year-old rookie was locked up and hit 14 home runs before taking a break in the middle of the three-minute round. He got a pep talk from Mookie Betts before bonus time and added seven more in the extra minute.

  • Seager – 24 Hours – Longest 451 Feet: With his dad on the hill, the ex-Dodger would poke through the right stands with his teammates and be late on the Tour, but he didn’t have enough to catch Rodriguez. Despite that, fans loved it
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No. 2 Pete Alonso (Mets) vs No. 6 Julio Rodriguez (Marines)

No. 4 Juan Soto (Nationals) vs Kyle Schwarber / Winner Albert Pujols

The “polar bear” carries some special timber.

Last year, the two-time defending champion named Mets coach Dave Goose to the bench as captain at Derby Home Run. Although Gauss is now a consultant with the Nationals organization, he will cast Alonso on Monday in Los Angeles.